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Professional Sports & Performance Psychology Consultancy

Competitive challenge for the football by two teams


Filling The Mental Gap In Sports, Performance & Exercise

Our Vision:

At Mind Gap, we feel that it is our calling to be able to help athletes fulfill their full potential. We believe the mental side of sports determines how far the athlete can go. As such, we are committed and passionate in providing our expertise and knowledge in helping athletes and performers build and train the most important muscle in our body: the Brain.

Our Mission:

Mind Gap seeks to contribute two main pillars of assistance for athletes in psychological skills training. One is to help enhance the performances with an elite mindset, while taking account in ensuring that the mental well-being of the athletes are well taken care of. We believe potential and elite mindset are cultivated through two of these psychological pillars. As such, we ensure that our services are able to facilitate a holistic approach for the athletes. 


A futsal player concentrating his play

Elgin this means a lot to me. Thank you so much. I’ve always wanted to tell
you, now’s the chance, I guess. The breathing method you taught us really
helped me. I promise. Thank you for always supporting me. It means the
world to me.

Nishi - KLCFC Player

Nishi, KLCFC Player

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