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Runners Taking Off


Committed to Provide Excellence

At Mind Gap, we help athletes achieve their full potential both in and out of sports by filling the gap in the athletes’ mental game. Athletes spend countless hours training physically, tactically and technically to achieve their potential. We believe that we can further support athletes through an often-neglected realm, our brain.

Tapping into our mindset and psychological well-being will provide us with a valuable foundation to take our potential a step further. 
Here, we understand that everyone is unique. Each of us have individual needs and goals to achieve our success. We believe that we can compliment and support your ability and talent with the right mindset and mentality. With that, these skills will help you in your respective sport and subsequently, your life.
At Mind Gap, our team of sport psychologists will work with you and tailor a plan that will work for you. We aim to provide our services in an affordable and accessible manner as we truly believe that sport psychology should not only be for elite and world class athletes. We believe that everyone can benefit, from filling the gap in their mind.

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