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Elgin Voon


Elgin is an associate sports mentality coach in the Mind Gap team. He is passionate about helping individuals and teams achieve further by filling up the mental gap of the athlete to achieve higher performance and growth in one's own journey. He is also passionate about advocating sports psychology to the sporting scene in Malaysia, hoping that sports psychology would be an essential consideration in all levels of sports development and growth for the country.

Elgin has a BSc (Hons) of Psychology from Sunway University, also validated by Lancaster University. Elgin has had the opportunity to work with the Kuala Lumpur City Futsal Club during the 2022 season, alongside other individual athletes as the same time. He has also hosted workshops and seminars regarding sports psychology in universities in which he believes it is his duty to inculcate the significance of sports psychology not only in sports performance but also in one's personal development on a day-to-day basis.

Elgin Voon
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