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Sin Eu Cheah

Managing Partner

Sin Eu is the sports, performance and exercise psychologist in the team. He is accredited by the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) as a certified practitioner. He obtained his Masters in Sports & Exercise Psychology from Northumbria University, Newcastle with a degree with in Psychology via Liverpool John Moores University. He possessed a decade worth of helping and consulting individual athletes and teams in the sports industry, ranging from grassroots to national level. He is also involved in corporate training, utilizing sports and performance psychology as resources in organisational and corporate settings.

Since practicing, Sin Eu had the opportunity to be involved with various sports consulting, including football, athletics, badminton, archery, equestrian, esports, martial arts and swimming. His involvement in the UK includes Newcastle University Kendo Club and Sunderland AFC U-21s. Back in Malaysia, Sin Eu has collaborated with various international schools, academies sports team and children sports program. He is also involved in various esports teams ranging from Mobile Legends, Dota2 to Valorant. He believes strongly in athletes as human first approach and prioritize mental well-being as key to successful sports career. Combining with his knowledge in fitness, children sport and organisational training experience, he is keen to ensure that athletes and the public is able to be involved long-term health and sports interventions that helps with their daily lives.

Over the past 10 years, Sin Eu has developed a robust portfolio of skills, including performance enhancement, mental toughness, stress management, team dynamics, injury recovery support and career transition assistance for athletes. These skill sets are crucial in ensuring development of customized mental training programs and collaborations with sports teams and athletes are well-implemented and suiting their needs.

Sin Eu Cheah
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