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ESports Tips: Control

Sometimes, things get out of control. A sudden enemy swarm, unable to change your weapon in time, too many noises from the team.....there are many things that can derail your performance.

Losing the sense of control may have negative consequences to the athlete him/herself. These include negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger, and disappointment. In addition, physical reaction such as increased heart rate, sweating, and muscle tension will further diminish your performance and decision-making capability, ultimately leading to lower success rate.

So how can players develop a sense of control in Esports? Here are a few strategies: 1. Set Goals

The action of setting goals itself is a form of control. This is where you know your direction and purpose. SMART goals strategy comes to mind when we initiate goal-settings. By providing yourself these goals, you allow yourself to track your progress, evaluate performance, and make adjustments as necessary. Thus, gaining control.

2. Form your Locus of Control

Bring awareness what you are able to control and what is not. Many times, we try to bring things that is not under our control and put that burden onto ourselves. This can range from team mates' action, opponent's execution, competition environment, past results to spectator noise. While it is crucial to know that these uncontrollable factors exist, the most important skill is to be able to move your attention back to things that is under your control. Your moves, strategies, thoughts, emotions and goals. By asking yourself regularly, "What is under my control", it helps to gain the control you wanted.

3. Develop pre-game routine

A pre-game routine can help you feel prepared and in control before a match. A routine should include activities that help players relax and focus, such as stretching, listening to music, or reviewing game strategies. By developing a consistent pre-game routine, you can establish a sense of control over your pre-game activities and set the tone for a successful match.

Listening to music before a competitive game can help you gain control of your emotions
Listening to music as part of a pre-game routine can help you gain control of your emotions.

4. Utilize social support

Social support from teammates, coaches, or family and friends can help you feel in control and confident. These can come in the form of positive feedback, encouragement, and emotional support. Even if its critical and/or negative ones, you are still in control on how you want to take these feedback. It is all in your own control how you want to frame or reframe it.

Esport athlete having support from team
Utilizing support from your team is crucial to your performance.

5. Reflect on performance

Reflecting on gameplay can help you to identify areas for improvement and build self-awareness. Reflection can involve reviewing gameplay footage, discussing performance with teammates or coaches, or journaling. By reflecting on your performance, players can develop a sense of control over their learning and growth. These help you gain control of your own game and even your career.

Taking notes after post-game analysis
Taking notes as a form of reflection can help with your development and growth in esports.

All of these strategies help many athletes, be it in Esports or traditional sports, to gain and maintain control. Feeling in control can have significant positive consequences on your mental, emotional, and even physical well-being, as well as performance and motivation in your game. If you're a player, coach, or fan, I encourage you to take action today to help develop a sense of control in Esports. Whether it's setting goals, practicing mindfulness, developing a pre-game routine, seeking social support, or reflecting on performance, there are many strategies you can use to take control of your gameplay. Remember, success in Esports is not just about skill, but also about mental and emotional resilience. By prioritizing your mental health and well-being, you can achieve success and find fulfillment in the world of Esports. Check-in with us on how this can help you and your team!

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